Statement Rings

The Bold Lapis Ring

A lovely blue lapis stone in an oval shape is inserted in this bubble rim giving it an edgy look. You will love owning this one!

Prisma Oxidised Filigree Ring

A stunning ring in an oxidised finish handmade in 925 silver with filigree work. Truly a stunner, this ring is evergreen and can be worn anytime at any age. The ring was created for our Prism collection to give you the feeling of royalty. Also, available in gold plated silver, this can be matched with any outfit for an evening out.

Ruby Cluster Golden Cocktail Ring

Gold plated disc ring with tiny Rubies to complete your cocktail look.

Antique Carnelian Ring

If you like to be funky and different, this silver snake ring with a carnelian orange stone is for you.

Blue Floral Enamel Ring

A nice statement like band ring with blue enamel work and a black floral designs. You will enjoy wearing this meenakari ring!

Turquoise Enamel Ring With Zircon

A nice band ring handmade in silver and gold plated with white enamel. The turquoise stones on top and zircons adds to its brilliance. One of its kind, this ring only belongs to a few of you.

White Enamel Silver Ring online | Buy Silver Ring for women

Silver White Enamel Ring for women from Mirror White. Shop handcrafted silver jewellery in India. BIS Certified Silver Jewellery. ✓COD ✓Shipping Worldwide ✓certified

Pink Sapphire Enamel Ring

A lovely combination of white and black enamel with a touch of pink with sapphire stones. Handmade in silver and plated in gold, this ring is definitely something you should own.

SkyBlue Enamel Disc Ring

A skyblue enamel disc is placed on a gold plated silver band ring giving it a nice funky style.

Green Enamel Disc Ring

A funky circular enamel disc ring in gold plated silver gives you a nice trendy look when worn.

Egyptian Feather Ring

A statement ring inspired by ancient Egyptian Applique designs with lapis and turquoise stones. The ring is uniquely designed with two pieces joined together. A statement ring to own for sure! All designs in our collection have been inspired from Ancient Egypt and combined with modern motifs giving it a contemporary appeal.

Symbol of Strength Egyptian Enamel Ring

An Egyptian inspired ring with Lapis and Enamel work giving it a funky look. The pyramid like designs in red bring out the beauty in this ring. Perfect to add an oomph factor to an otherwise dull dress

Cleopatra Double Turquoise Ring

A statement ring in a double style with turquoise and lapiz enamel work, handcrafted in 925 silver and gold plated to give you that edgy look. The beaded chain with turquoise and lapis stones gives it a nice funky style. Truly a masterpiece! All designs in our collection have been inspired from Ancient Egypt and combined with modern motifs giving it a contemporary appeal.

Supreme Flawless Ruby Enamel Ring


A beautiful ruby is set in this ring with white enamel work and handwork in silver plated in gold. A stunning piece to own!

Luminescent Bright Ruby Statement Ring


An oval ruby is set beautifully in this gold plated silver ring with white,red and green enamel on the sides

Luxury Ruby Enamel Statement Ring


A lovely ruby is set in the center of this gold plated silver ring with enamel work on the rim. Truly a masterpiece!

Luminous Smoky Topaz Ring


A dazzling smoky topaz stone surrounded by scintillating citrine stones for a cocktail look. Gift it to your loved one and make her day!

Two-Tone Zircon Disc Statement Ring


A huge disc ring with leaf shaped zircons on a gold plated silver mesh for a statement look. Wear it to get noticed!

Golden Royal Double Filigree Ring


If you want to feel like a royal princess, this double love ring with intricate filigree work in gold plated silver is just the right one

Starlight Blue Topaz Square Ring


If you're looking for the perfect ring in blue, you cannot go wrong with this blue topaz ring in sterling silver.

Peridot Floral Ring


Two flowers made with peridot stones are are placed beautifully in this zircon ring. Make a statement with this flashy ring!

Sapphire Cluster Golden Cocktail Ring


Gold plated disc ring with tiny sapphires to complete your cocktail look.

Cushion Exotic Black Onyx Ring


An oversized black onyx stone in a rectangular shape for a statement look. Wear it and get noticed

Twilight Moonstone Rainbow Ring


An oval over sized moonstone ring placed over a gold plated ring with intricate work. Handcrafted to perfection, wear it to make a statement

Antique Style Cocktail Ring-

An antique finish silver cocktail ring with a rugged look. Perfect for a casual Sunday brunch!

Two Tone Graphical Branches RIng


This classy silver ring is embellished with contemporary branch patterns that will instantly become your favourite statement accessory! The different copper tone on the shiny golden base will instantly brighten your hands.

Style Tip: Wear it to an event or a party with a nice pair of earrings.

Statement Ruby Cocktail Ring


Studded Rubies, Black and gold rhodium plating in an oval shaped cocktail ring for that perfect dressy look. 

Paisley Handpainted Cocktail Ring


Enamel is a dying art form, but still so beautiful and intricate that you will love owning this paisley ring with white and blue enamel work

Two Tone Leafy Ring


A leaf shape cocktail ring with a tinch of gold, surrounded by round crystails and polki on all sides. This ring is perfect for your dinner date!

Enamelled Mango Shaped Ring


This mango shaped, enameled, cockail ring with zircon stones is traditional yet striking. Wear it just by itself with your favorite Western or Indian outfit and make a statement.