• Color: Silver


Winds of Change Tourmaline Silver Necklace

A beautiful lightweight silver necklace handmade with tourmaline stones. Tourmaline has a wide variety of colour and looks stunning when worn. Wear this long necklace with a pastel coloured shirt or dress and you're sure to fall in love with it. The sterling silver necklace can be worn effortlessly in your daily dressing or make an equally important part of outfits which are looking for subtle hints of jewellery. Whether you style it with your shirts, kurtas or dresses, it is bound to make you feel good.

Krishni Peacock Silver Necklace

A long silver necklace with peacocks and a handpainted photo of Radha Krishna.

Ganesha Long Silver Necklace

A long silver necklace with peacocks on the side and a Ganesha painting in the pendant. Beautifully crafted, this necklace is sure to make heads turn.

Butterfly Pendant Necklace

A simple and sleep necklace with a tiny butterfly pendant. Perfect to gift a young girl!

The Key to my heart Necklace

A simple and sleek necklace with a tiny key pendant. Perfect to gift your loved one.

Floral Silver Necklace

Three tiny flowers placed in this simple and lightweight silver necklace.

Floral Statement Silver Necklace

A touch of modern and Indian, this beautiful floral necklace is perfect to match with an indo-western Saree.

Indian Traditional Wedding Hand-Painted Long Silver Beaded Necklace for Women

An elegant piece of necklace eith hand-painted Ganesha on the side. Evergreen and the best part it can be matched with any color.

Ganesh Square Pendant Necklace

Ganesh Square Pendant Necklace

Butterfly Silver Necklace

Butterfly, leaves and flowers make up this lovely handmade silver necklace. A nice unique gift for someone you love

Two Tone Ring Necklace


A sterling silver necklace in a knotted fashion gives this piece of jewellery a trendy style. Wear it with a shirt or a solid top to make a statement

Silver Rose Necklace


A lovely silver necklace interspersed with handmade silver roses and checkered discs. Look stunning when you wear it with a black dress

Silver Tube Choker


A simple silver choker in a shiny finish than can be matched with any of our pendants for a stylish look

Handmade Sterling Silver Color Choker Necklace for Women and Girls

If your fashion is too straightforward and you love to showcase it often, then this choker is something that you should own. The tribal inspired design and structure of this choker is something that will definitely become a centerpiece for your entire look. It will be a great addition to any basic outfit and will definitely make you the center of attention. Style Tip: Add this funky necklace to any of your informal outfits with an open neck.

Floral Silver Necklace


This is the perfect necklace to gift to someone you love. The floral handmade pendant and charms are the bottom add to te beauty of this silver necklace

Decorative Choker


A classic decorative choker with engravings on the center and the sides. This one is best worn just by itself with a casual top and jeans

Silver Lined Choker


A lovely flat silver choker with fine lines engraved can be worn just like that for a simple look. Wear it with one of our pendants for a more formal look

Butterfly Silver Necklace


Butterfly, leaves and flowers make up this lovely handmade silver necklace.

Handbag Silver Necklace


An unusual pendant for a necklace, but if you like being different this silver necklace with a beautifully handcrafted handbag as a pendant is for you. Don't miss out on the tassels at the bottom