• Color: White


Oceanic Pearl Pendant

This pearl pendant transports you back to the ocean. It’s sheer brilliance of handwork and the fresh water pearl gives it a unique look. Wear it with one of our silver chains or rope chains and you’re ready for your next holiday.

Tear drop Pearl Pendant

A simple and classic tear drop shaped pearl pendant that can be worn everyday to office. It’s perfect for daily wear! Handmade in 925 silver and can also be gifted for Valentine’s day or an anniversary.

Unique Pearl Pendant

A simple and classic pearl pendant that can be worn everyday. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best. This is one of them.

Spiral Pearl Pendant

Just like the circle of love, this spiral pendant will always take you back to where you started. It reminds you of the cycle of life every single day.

Circle of Life Pearl Pendant

A beautiful circle of life pearl pendant that is striking, one of its kind, and also truly beautiful.

Hidden Pearl Pendant

Have you always loved hide n seek? Do you like hidden gems. Well if you do, then this hidden pearl pendant is for you. Truly magnificent and unique in every way.

Carved Floral Pearl Pendant

A beautifully carved floral pendant with a shiny pearl in the center. It’s a stunning piece and one of its kind in every way.