• Color: Silver


Floral Engraved Locket Pendant

The perfect gift for your girl this valentines day, a nice lovely engraved floral design that opens up so you can add both of your pictured. Old school but still so precious. She will love owning it! The chain seen in the image is not included in this product.

Black Enamel Heart Pendant

A nice silver solid pendant with black enamel work for the girl in your life. It's cute, unique, and something she will treasure always. The chain seen in the image is not included in this product.

Love Letter Engraved Pendant

What better way to show your love than to gift her this lovely engraved love pendant. The beauty of it is you could also add a picture of you two. Truly special and something she will cherish forever The chain seen in the image is not included in this product.

Triangolo Perla Pendant


The pearl sits so wonderfully in this silver triangular pendant. Handmade to perfection!

Tube Floral Pendant


A silver tube pendant with a floral design. Wear it with our tube floral earrings.

Petals of Love Pendant


Differently shaped petals are placed in this unique silver pendant. Gift it to someone you love

Spiral Mother of Pearl Pendant


A tear drop shape mother of pearl with silver spiral lines. Wear it with your favorite coloured outfit for a lovely look.

Concentric Circles Pendant


Shimmering concentric circles with a filigree lace design blends together to create this contemporary piece

Wavy Ocean Pendant


An unusual silver pendant in a wave like form with small tiny holes giving you the illusion of an ocean wave! 

Crater Pendant


Moon crater pendant in hand made silver, perfect for a day long outing

Lovely Etched Pendant


A unique floral square pendant in dull silver with carved edges giving it a victorian look!

Floral Etched Pendant


Innately detailed in handcrafted shiny silver a lovely pendant to adorn and step out for your perfect date

Mesh Maze Pendant


A uniquely shaped pendant with a wire like mesh on the top and a maze like structure at the bottom! One of a kind for sure, this pendant is perfect to create your own style statement!