• Color: Silver

Silver Rings

Heart in Heart Ring

A beautiful band ring with a heart and also engraved hearts all over. A perfect gift for your loved one.

Floral Charm Ring

A beautiful floral charm ring with a flower, a star fish, and tiny stones making you feel like you’re diving into the ocean.

Rings of Change

A beautiful twisted ring with an infinity symbol depicting love forever. Handmade in Thailand, this ring is very special to us.

Rose Ring

A beautiful rose 3D ring handmade in pure 925 silver. Perfect for that special someone in your life.

Twin Band Ring

A stunning twin band ring, handmade in pure 925 silver and perfect for a funky night out.

Starfish Pearl Ring

Starfish Pearl Ring

Silver Rugged band Ring

Cherish this stunning silver ring in a textured finish with different division, a masterpiece, this silver band ring is a timeless treasure ring and will make heads turn. Available in two tones, this ring is perfect for women who like to experiment and wear something funky.

Curved Rugged Band Silver Ring

An oval shaped ring with a rugged look with an opening on the top.

Etched Floral Ring

Three beautiful flowers etched beautifully in this band ring.

Butterfly Silver Ring

A beautiful butterfly ring thats adjustable. Wear it and make a statement!