Peacock Oxidised Garnet Jhumka

Perfectly shaped jhumkas with a peacock stud and garnet beads at the bottom, handmade in pure silver.

Tribal Silver Hoop Earrings

A sleek tribal silver hoop that can be matched with you western wear on a casual day out.

Floral Silver Hoop Earrings

A beautiful floral silver hoop with etched intricate designs. Trendy and fashionable, these hoops will make heads turn.

Handbag Silver Hoop Earrings

A hoop earring that looks like a cute little handbag. Perfect to wear with a casual tee and jeans.

Long Silver Hook Earrings

A sleek silver earring with a simple beaded design.

Pink Meenakari Hoop Earrings

A hoop with a tiny pink meenakari bead at the bottom gives it a nice trendy look.

Moneybag Meenakari Silver Hoops

Cute little moneybags hang below these silver hoops in red and blue meenakari.

Blue Meenakari Moneybag Earrings

Turquoise blue meenakari moneybags in these hoop earrings give it a funky look

Meenakari Carved Silver Hoops

Casual and chic silver hoops with a tiny ball carved in blue and red meenakari work.

Floral Meenakari Hoops

A beautiful earring with floral meenakari rings in black and red hanging below the hoop.

Simple Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoops are always in fashion and go perfectly well with western and Indian wear.

Turquoise Blue Jhumka

A lovely turquoise blue jhumka for a casual lunch out.

Peacock Oxidised Onyx Jhumka

Perfectly shaped jhumkas with a peacock stud and green onyx beads at the bottom, handmade in pure silver.

Pink Enamel Polo Earrings

A perfect blend of pink and silver is brought about in this handmade silver earring.

Multi-Stone Chandbali

Red and green can never go wrong together. Perfectly blended in this chandbali earring for a traditional look

Red Green Step Jhumka

Lovely square stud with a beaded garnet and green onyx silver jhumka at the bottom. This earring will dangle beautifully when worn.

Green Onyx Floral Jhumka

Intricately carved silver jhumka with a green onyx floral stud. A lovely dome shape that will look elegant with a saree.

Green Beaded Jhumka

A lovely green beaded jhumka that can be worn with your Indian wear. The dangle in this earring is beautiful!

Tiny Silver Pearl Jhumka

A tiny jhumka perfect for a casual day when you don’t want to wear something heavy.

Tiny Silver Garnet Jhumka

A tiny jhumka perfect for a casual day when you don’t want to wear something heavy.

Topi Meenakari Silver Hoops

Funky and chic silver hoop earrings with black and red meenakari carvings.

Red Heart Meenakari Earrings

A lovely red heart hangs at the bottom of this silver earring. Perfect for a date!

Blue Heart Silver Drop Earring

A classic pair of blue drop earrings with a heart at the bottom.

Leafy Silver Earring

A classic pair of silver earrings in an oxidized finish in a leaf shape.

Rose Silver Jhumka

Handmade rose studs with a rugged silver jhumka make for a great combination.

Half Moon Silver Drop Earrings

Filigree worked half moon silver earrings for the diva in you.

Maze Silver Earrings

Classy and lightweight silver earrings in a diamond shape. The maze like feature gives it an edgy look.

Rajasthani Silver Studs

Feel like a queen when you wear these traditional silver studs with a hand painted figurine.

Royal Handpainted Stud

A lovely res hibiscus is hand painted in this floral carved silver stud. Perfect to make a statement!

Paisley Stud Jhumka

Tiny paisleys form the stud giving it a classy look and giving it a sense of uniqueness.

Coral Butterfly Silver Jhumka

Cute butterfly studs, handmade to perfection with a dome shaped silver jhumka. A bit of old and new gives it a unique look.

Butterfly Green Onyx Silver Jhumka

Cute butterfly studs, handmade to perfection with a dome shaped silver jhumka. A bit of old and new gives it a unique look.

Floral Oxidized Earrings

A fancy pair of silver earrings with a floral design thats so appealing to the eye. Wear it to work or a casual evening out!

Classic Bell Jhumka

The perfect size and shape, these jhumkas are evergreen!

Soaring High Silver Earrings

This is the perfect gift for someone who is starting off their career!

Chandrika Step Silver Jhumka

A classic jhumka shape, this lovely earring has a nice round stud and two small umbrella shaped silver pieces giving it a elegant look.

Peacock Silver Jhumka

A beautiful peacock stud and a diamond shaped piece gives this an elegant look.

Mandira Silver Temple Jhumka

Beautifully carved stud and a nice dome shaped jhumka make this a lovely one to own.

Oxidised Silver Bell Jhumka

A classic bell shaped jhumka in an oxidised finish.

Mathura Silver Earrings

Beautifully shaped earring in an handcrafted style, perfect to wear on your Indian wear this season.

Trishul Silver Earring

Handcrafted string like tubes hang beautifully in this silver earring.

Dream Catcher Silver Earrings

A nice pair of dream catcher earrings handmade with a lot of love.

Floral Magic Silver Earrings

A beautiful pair of floral earrings that are timeless and classic.

Maya Dome Silver Earrings

Dome shaped silver earrings that gives you the old world charm.

Turquoise Pearl Silver Jhumka

The lovely turquoise blue beads and the pearl studded stud gives this silver jhumka a royal look.

Padmavat Silver Statement Necklace

An inverted triangle with turquoise stones and a gold beaded chain gives this necklace a royal look. Handcrafted in 925 silver, this necklace depicts royalty.

Peacock Phool Silver Earring

A peacock stud and a nice floral dangler brought together in this lovely silver earring. Not too big, this earring can be worn anytime.

Ganesh Square Pendant Necklace

Ganesh Square Pendant Necklace