• Color: Gold

Simple Bracelets

Wonder Green Onyx Gold Plated Silver Bracelet

A stunning silver bracelet with a green onyx stone handmade in pure 925 silver and gold plated. One of a kind and a statement piece to own. The striking green onyx stone has been cut to perfection. This adjustable bracelet must be handled with care to avoid breaking

Golden Heart Charm Bracelet

A nice and elegant gold plated silver bracelet with a golden heart in the center. Lightweight and cute, this bracelet is sure to make her day

Antique Gold Plated Single Line Onyx Bangle For Women and Girls

A classic silver bangle gold plated and interspersed with red and green onyx stones. Handmade beautifully, this bangle can be worn just like that.

Simplicity Silver Bangle


A single line bangle cuff with gold plating and white enamel work. Perfect if you like keeping things simple on your hands. Don't forget to miss the white enamel at the end of the bangle. Also available in blue and green

Turquoise Cushion Bracelet


A diamond shape bracelet with turquoise cushion stones and a touch of black rhodium. So delicate and bright you will love wearing it!